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Terms/delivery forms

PRO-plast uses clear terms for delivery forms of plastic raw materials

Terms used for plastic raw materials, especially for recyclates, are manifold and their use is not uniform. In order to avoid misunderstandings, the terms used by PRO-plast Kunststoff GmbH have been regulated. This should contribute to more clarity and truth in the labeling especially of recyclates.

Virgin materials
OR = virgin material
ORNT = offgrade

z. E.g. Makrolon 2805, Noryl GFN2, Zytel ST801, Ultramid B3S This abbreviation is used for individual lots of branded new goods from the raw material producers. Such goods are usually in original/factory packaging with label, batch number, etc.; more rarely repackaged in neutral containers.

TT-Compound ® (industrial quality)

z. E.g. TT-Compound PC GF30 black TT-Compound is a trademark of PRO-plast for inexpensive compounded engineering plastics with a wider range than corresponding virgin materials.

Regranulate (Reprocessed material)

Regranulates are always granulates produced by melt processing (regranulation by extrusion). The starting material is usually regrind, but also virgin material. As a rule, no additives are added. Exceptions are possibly small additions of pigments, stabilizers and lubricants.

RP = regranulate with indication of brand and with color number

e.g. RP ex Dupolan 8205, gray 11/349 If a regranulate is identified with a brand and color number, then only the corresponding raw material type in the specified color was used for its production, without the addition of additives.

RP = regranulate with indication of brand and color - but without color number

e.g. RP ex Dupolan 8205, black This regranulate consists entirely of the named grade and was possibly overdyed black on the basis of different colors.

RP = Regranulate only with substance class designation

e.g. RP PC GF20, black: this indicates that compatible brands/types of the same fabric class were used as starting material. It is also possible that, for example, a material with originally 30% glass fibers was blended with unreinforced goods of the same substance class in such a way that granules with a glass fiber content of, for example, 20% result.


For safety reasons, there should always be a magnetic metal seperator in the hopper when processing any type of regrind/regranulate. This will at least keep hard, magnetic metals away from the cylinder and die. Safe processing parameters for a use of 100% recyclate use are easier to find than for mixtures of recyclates and virgin materials.

Important notice

The above and all other information, advice, etc. provided directly or indirectly, verbally, electronically or in writing are given to the best of our knowledge. They are to be understood as non binding information, also with regard to possible property rights of third parties. The purchaser is not released from his own tests by corresponding instructions. Rather, the selection, processing and application of raw materials are exclusively the responsibility of the purchaser.

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