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What you need to know

PRO-plast is an independent company and does not perform any sales or distribution function for raw material producers.

Brand names/protected trademarks

The brand names listed are protected trademarks of the respective raw material manufacturers and are their property. PRO-plast® and TT-Compound® are protected trademarks of PRO-plast Kunststoff GmbH.

Brand names/protected trademarks in connection with regranulate

Brand names associated with regranulate serve to inform about the origin of the material. This provides information about the starting material from which a regranulate was produced. Example: RG/Regranulate "ex Dupolan 8205" means: The starting material for this regranulate was regrind or virgin Dupolan 8205. See further below: "Suitability, application, properties"

Color numbers for type/colorless regranulate

If the color numbers of the virgin material are mentioned in the case of type- + color-pure regranulate, this also only serves to provide information about the color origin of the material. In this way, we provide guidance on the approximate color shade. The color shade of plastics may change due to the processing and/or preparation process and may deviate slightly from the color shade of virgin material. Example: RG/regranulate "ex Dupolan 8205, gray 07/349" means: The initial color for this regranulate before first processing was "gray 07/349". Due to the processing / preparation process, the original color shade may have changed slightly.

RAL specifications

RAL color specifications are assigned by eye. Errors are unavoidable. If reference is made to RAL color numbers, this is also only a non-binding guide. The extent to which a RAL specification actually applies to the associated material in all types of light must be checked and decided by the processor of the plastic himself.

In general, the following applies to virgin material and regranulated material

If a specific color shade must be precisely adhered to, representative samples should be requested for own tests!


All information on suitability, application and properties is to be understood as a guide. For detailed technical information, please refer to the brochures of the raw material manufacturers.

Virgin materials

The raw materials offered in the catalogs or in the marketplace are recorded with great care and assigned to the corresponding raw material groups. Errors cannot be ruled out due to the large number of products. It is expressly pointed out that new products offered are often no longer "fresh from production". It is also possible that formulations have been changed since a product was manufactured. Processing and application of a residual quantity therefore requires increased care and, if necessary, intensive pre drying.


In the case of regranulate with designation of origin, the possible applications can be derived from those of virgin material. In no case are the properties of the corresponding virgin material guaranteed. Rather, it should be noted that thermoplastic molding compounds "degrade" through repeated melting and thus lose properties. It should also be noted that the technical values of regranulate fluctuate to a greater extent than those of virgin material, and the values may differ to a greater or lesser extent from batch to batch. For this reason, particularly careful processing and suitability tests are recommended before regranulate is used, and additional quality monitoring measures are recommended during processing. This applies in particular if regranulate is used in addition to or instead of virgin material.

Test certificates/safety data sheets

Virgin materials

The offered new goods are mainly original packed single lots/remnants from the hand of plastics processors. Test certificates are not always available. As a rule, 1A qualities can be expected. This means that the corresponding products complied with the specifications of the producers at the time of their manufacture.


For most regranulates, test certificates can be supplied - depending on quantity and by agreement. Safety data sheets are available from the raw material manufacturers.


Most of the offered materials are individual lots, the subsequent delivery of which is not possible or only possible to a limited extent.

Important notice

The above and all other information, advice, etc. provided directly or indirectly, verbally, electronically or in writing is given to the best of our knowledge. They are to be understood as non-binding information, also with regard to possible property rights of third parties. The buyer is not released from his own tests. Rather, the selection, processing and application of raw materials shall be the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

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